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Great sea views... AND great returns.

If you want to invest in real estate you need to take into account the ‘Holy Trinity’: location, location, location. And Duinenzee’s can hardly be better. The stylish service apartments have an idyllic location on the beach of De Panne. From mid-2018, active and less active 60+ year olds will be enjoying their panoramic view on the sea and the dunes every day.

AAA location on the beach

As a seaside resort, De Panne has a lot to offer. Apart from the sea as the number one attraction, De Panne also has the most nature reserves of the Flemish coast. Duinenzee is situated on the beach in De Panne and its exceptional service apartments look out over both.
“Duinenzee is built perpendicular to the sea providing a sea view for all the residents. Next to the building there is the private domain ’t Vissersdorp and to the back of the building you will find the nature reserve ‘De Westhoek’, which encompasses 340 ha of pure nature. The panorama is phenomenal.”; says Bram Machtelinckx of Skyline Europe. It is the first time that a project developer has realised a residential care housing project for service dwellings in such a unique location. Skyline Europe wants to continue this trend for future residential projects in order to have seniors experience their old age in a fantastic way. 

 “Duinenzee is built perpendicular to the sea, providing a sea view for all the residents.”
Bram Machtelinckx, Skyline Europe

Oasis of tranquillity at the Belgian coast 

All the Duinenzee service apartments are equipped with the latest technological facilities with just one aim in mind: increase the comfort and safety of all the residents. The large windows ensure the light floods in and draw the attention to the breath-taking and unique environment. Bram Machtelinckx: “The large terraces increase the living area of the residents and reinforce the effect of the healthy sea air and the peaceful natural surroundings. At Duinenzee it is all about nature, tranquillity and relaxation.”

The exploitation of Duinenzee is in the experienced hands of Vulpia. Their residential assistant is always at your disposal, even at night. The residents also enjoy a range of additional services: cleaning assistance, handy man, ironing, grocery shopping, … Those who want can go to the restaurant with sea views to enjoy a nice dinner or to the bar to meet friends. There are also many wellness facilities for those who fancy it: hairdresser, manicures, sauna, fitness, …

Service apartments as investment

By 2020, one in four Belgians will be older than 65. At the coast, that figure will be considerably higher. Not only will the ‘born and bred’ inhabitants of the coastal towns be living here, but many seniors from other regions are rediscovering the Belgian coast. As a consequence, there is a great demand for adapted living infrastructure which will only increase in years to come.

“Duinenzee only offers certified serviced dwellings and that offers tax benefits. There is the reduced VAT rate of 12% instead of the normal 21%. Furthermore, you are also exempt from paying the annual property tax.” 
Wouter Iliano - Skyline Europe

In times where savings accounts do not yield much, and stock market investments do not guarantee a positive return, investing in real estate has never been a smarter choice. The service apartments at Duinenzee will yield a safe return, starting straight away and continuing into the future, on top of the added value of being situated in a prime location. 

Wouter Iliano: “We notice that many investors are making the most of the double ageing of the population at the coast. They buy now so they can go and live in it later on, and in the meantime, they pocket a nice rental income.”

Our experience, your advantage 

With 40 years of experience, Skyline Europe is one of the market leaders for investment real estate in Belgium. This Belgian family business always works in prime locations, with famous architects, top materials and the best contractors. 

Bram Machtelinckx: “We design and draw together with the client until the moment their apartment feels like a real home.” This has remained unchanged in the 40 years Skyline has been in business. Always from a personal point of view. Always starting with your wishes.

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