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Probably the best investment in Brussels.

Probably the best investment in Brussels.

Real estate investors in search of a high return soon find themselves looking at Brussels. After all, the expat niche offers the most interesting return on investment. Their employers are reliable payers and will pay prices easily double of what they are in the rest of Flanders. Why would you not profit from Europe?

Hotspot for real estate investors

Driving into Evere, along the Leopold III-laan, you cannot miss it: this is an up-and-coming area. As well as the imposing buildings of the NATO and the EU, this is also the location of the headquarters of multinationals such as Toyota, Canon and IBM: this is the heart of Europe and the place of residence of its international employees. Skyline Renting is the exclusive letting agency of Skyline Europe and has been focusing exclusively on the rental market for expats in Brussels during the last two decades. They distinguish themselves from other rental services by their exclusive corporate lets for longer terms, from one to four years, on average.  

“Because of our rental service, we as developers, also stay involved after the purchase, and this builds trust with our investors”, Joeri Voeten, head of rentals, tells us. “That is why we only choose locations where we know we can realise easy lettings at high rental prices.” 

“Our long-term contracts mean there is less chance of vacancy for our investors.” 
Joeri Voeten, managing director Skyline Renting

Strategic location

Skyline Europe is building its latest expat project Ambassador Park close to NATO: stylish apartments located in a charming garden park. The location has been chosen specifically because letting to NATO employees and large multinationals is easy and can be done at high prices. With an average occupancy rate of 98%, Evere has proved to be a strategic location in the past.
“Expats’ choice of residence is often influenced by the proximity of their place of work. Ambassador Park allows them to easily walk or bike to work. They can get to the centre of Brussels in 10 minutes using the metro”, Joeri Voeten, Skyline Renting, adds.

Peace of mind, now and in the future

Expats are known as excellent tenants. Their employer pays for their accommodation, so the demand for spacious and stylish apartments is particularly high and keeps growing. In Evere alone, you’ll find 2,000 international businesses and NATO’s headquarters. In the short term, investors will benefit from the highest rental prices in Belgium and a favourable tax regime which will guarantee a nice return. In the long term they will benefit from the new élan in Evere with long term capital growth.

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Unique investment in the heart of the European Quarter

Skyline Europe is al ruim 40 jaar de
referentie voor investeringsvastgoed in
binnen- en buitenland.

We danken onze sterke marktpositie aan
onze focus op topliggingen, stijlvolle
architectuur en professionalisme. 

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