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A unique investment in Brussels with huge growth potential.

The Banks offers an answer to the acute shortage of quality, affordable housing in and around Brussels. The masterplan is strongly committed to quality of life and is in line with the planned major greening of the wider area.

Emphasis on residential quality.

The Banks is a modern residential complex in four buildings: three towers and a wide lower building connecting the site to the neighbourhood behind. The entire project offers a wide variety of housing types: large and small flats, duplexes and collective meeting spaces. Each building has generous outdoor spaces: winter gardens, terrace rooms or balconies that allow residents to fully enjoy the beautiful indoor garden.

Strategic rental location for expats.

Brussels is the capital of the European Union and home to many large multinationals. Every year, our capital attracts more and more expats and highly skilled high potentials . They will also find their way effortlessly to the centrally located The Banks.

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Attractive property project in promising neighbourhood

The Brussels Kanaalzone has received a huge boost in recent years. In the coming years, the revival of the neighbourhood will continue with a major greening operation and the arrival of The Banks.

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